great movies in 3 characters.

all drawing by citra marina
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wildraven said:Found your blog from your lovely picture of Brother's Bloom & Bang Bang. Your art is so wonderful :D You should draw a "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" one. It would make my day.

thanks for your suggestion and sorry it took forever hahaa.. i had to choose between gideon and wallace.

tha-y-se said:are you take suggestions? btw! your blog simply amazing!

YES. suggestions are very much welcome.

part of the reason of why this blog wasn’t super-frequently-updated is because i couldn’t think of characters to draw. and also because it’s so hard for me to choose drawing over sleeping. so: YES. please send in your suggestions.

thank you :)

boguspocus said:your drawings saved my life. thanks.

that’s funny cause your message kinda made my lyfe :’) thanks.

also: it’s kind of cool to save lives by drawing cause i can’t swim and i’ve always thought “oh there goes my chance to save people’s lives” but maybe i was wrong. maybe i watched too much baywatch.

jailandtrial said:To think I couldn't get enough of your drawings, this blog descends from the heavens! Haha :)

whoa thanks :) glad you enjoyed the drawings.

i’d like to think that this blog descends from the heavens and descends from the underground (you know, because it’s super indie and no one has ever heard of it. haha.)

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